DANCENOW'S 20th Anniversary SEASON @ JoE'S PUB     

NEWYORKnewyork @Astor Place

MAY 6,7,8 at 7:00pm, May 9 at 7:00pm & 9:00 pm

 Mei Yamanaka in NEWYORKnewyork @Astor Place  Photo by Yi-Chun Wu

Mei Yamanaka in NEWYORKnewyork @Astor Place
Photo by Yi-Chun Wu

NEWYORKnewyork @Astor Place

Conceived, Written and Directed by Mark Dendy                                                                                                                                                                   

   Choreographed by Mark Dendy in collaboration with the performers

Performed by Christopher Bell, Dante Brown, Leslie Cuyjet, Mark Dendy, Stephen Donovan, Abigail Levine, Alice Klugherz and Mei Yamanaka
Lighting Designer Lauren Parrish
Video, Costume, Sound and Prop Design by Stephen Donovan

NEWYORKnewyork @Astor Place mines the rich history of the Public Theater building, the original Astor Library, whose collection eventually made up the lion’s share of The New York Public Library’s holdings. The stage at Joe’s Pub in the Public Theater becomes a portal through which we meet a shape-shifting cast of time travelers, habitués from past and present Astor Place and the surrounding area. The piece looks at gentrification through the specifics of one New York neighborhood and asks: What is change? Does history merely repeat itself? The piece explores race relations and violence, the never-ending conflict between the 99 percent and the 1 percent, the role of tabloid news now and then, and is a meditation on the book and its place in our ever-changing culture through dance and text.

Dendy hosts the evening as William Backhouse Astor, Jr., heir to John Jacob Astor, one of America’s first millionaires. Along the way we meet a writer, a reporter, a real estate agent and her clients, a male stripper, an East Village ‘80s punk, a disgruntled Irishman, and two Shakespearean actors whose fierce rivalry spurred the Astor Place Riots in 1849.